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"Jens Brzoska is born on the 3rd of January 1977 in Wuppertal (Germany), the City of the suspension railway.
He started to make music at the age of 7. Age 13 he got himself an Amiga and started to make electronic music.
After graduating he decided to dedicate himself more professionally to music so he got himself 2 synths and a PC. Ever since he has been trying hard to get his music released on a label but until the year 2007 he had no success with that whatsoever. So he finally dared to send his music to Bonzai Music even though he did not really believe in a positive outcome from it. He had been a fan of Bonzai Music and before that from the orgininal Bonzai Records label.
The surprise was big as he got a positive answer and shortly after that his first release came out: "Prayer 4 Freedom"
Since then this fabulous musician keeps entertaining everybody with his innovative and high quality productions and promises to keep it that way in the future."


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