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silent life: silent all my life i have been.
"to study every thing that this life offers me."
My Philosophy: i live my life like last day in my life.
Hey, my name's nimah 18 years old born may 20 wednesday

Religions: Muslim Sunnie.

Born in big freak loving family, the middle child & the 6th i am.

you choice who you are, but you can't choice your family.

Personality Type:Goofy Girl, Sensitive, Romantic, Bright, Open, Cheerful, Shy, Funny, Dreamy.
"The kind of girl few people really understand."

i am not dark person or open one i just normal, my favourite thing in this world languages i want to be come a translater or fashion designer. video games and tv are my other world.

don't be judge person by my language or my country.
I'm not the kind of girl who got into this to be famous.

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