Eksantrik Prodüksiyon

"don't hold yours dreams back, <br />its our job to make them real" <br /><br />Eksantrik Production offers services with the best directors, DoPs and experienced production team especially in production of commercials and promotional films, proudly carries the motto "if we can't do it, it can't be done elsewhere". <br /><br />Due to very careful preproduction work, our team makes the realization processes of your projects not with full of bad surprises, stressful and limiting; but with fun, innovative and a beautiful experience to be remembered forever. <br /><br />In short, Eksantrik Production makes movie making process a sweet escapade instead of a stressful venture. <br /><br />Services <br />- TV commercials productions <br />- Promotional, Educational and Presentation movies <br />- Broadcast copies, DVD and VCD preparation and multiplication <br />- Editing - Animation - Dubbing <br />- Location <br />- Shooting permits <br />- Logistics