Because of my problems with youtube I decided to sing up here. This is a place when you can watch my all videos which were deleted from youtube. <br /><br /> <br />I hope you enjoy it :) <br /><br />When I was in primary school i discovered Windows Movie Maker. Since that time I have been doing short clips "from movies". It's one of my hobbies and it's taking a lot of my free time :) <br />I think that it's beautiful when we can rearrange scenes and "manipulate" them - because montage looks like that. I'm always trying create new stories in my clips, not so simmilar like these from movies. <br />I think that kind of way arrangement it's something like art... and I dream about doing it by my entire life. <br />The second most important thing for me it's music, because that's source of my everything ideas. <br /><br />DISCLAIMER: Songs, TV Shows and Movies are sole property of their rightful owners. I don't owe neither the song nor the TV series. <br /><br />Fanvideos were created with sole purpose of promoting both Songs, TV Shows and Movies