EcoBoomer Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established in China in 2007 when our R&D team realized the huge global demand for eco-friendly, zero emission, electric human transportation devices such as Segway. The problem has always been that Segway products are much too expensive for most people around the world to afford. That is when we went to work and began to research, develop, and manufacture our own line of high quality, light weight, compact, electric human transportation products similar to Segway called the EcoBoomer, and now four years later we have many successful dealers in countries all around the world. <br /><br />Our EcoBoomer products can be used for many different applications such as security, police, warehouse & industrial, advertising, mobility for elderly, recreation, golf resorts, shopping, government, hotels, tour businesses, or just having a good time with friends and family. The fact is the EcoBoomer is completely electric and burns no gas to operate which makes our products eco-friendly and cost efficient, yet fun to ride. Our goal is to take as many gas vehicles off the road so we can help to reduce CO2 emissions around the world and keep our air clean for future generations. <br /><br />We look forward to hearing from you and having you become our next EcoBoomer dealer in your country or state. Make sure to check out our dealers page and see if there is already an EcoBoomer delaer in your country or state that you can contact to buy inventory. We are constantly searching for new EcoBoomer dealers to distribute and resell our products around the world, so if you have an interest in starting a successful new business with an amazing product line that has a huge global demand, look no further then the EcoBoomer Co. Ltd. <br /><br />Charles Clift <br />EcoBoomer Manufacturing Co. Ltd. <br /> <br /><br />Skype: charles.clift <br />Phone: (469) 450-8740