Hi, <br /><br />I'm Endersfan - Welcome to my YouTube channel. <br /><br />As you can probably guess I am a big fan of the long running British soap EastEnders hence why most of my videos are either clips from EastEnders or clips relating to EastEnders. <br /><br />My aim is to provide one of the most varied collection of EastEnders clips, old and new, on Dailymotion. I want people who have never seen some of the scenes I post to be able to watch them and for old fans to be able to enjoy them again. I believe it is important to have a healthy mix of old, recent and current material. <br /><br />If you like my videos then please subscribe - your continued support is important to me and helps me focus on maintaining my channel. Also, I do take requests and I know some of you are waiting for certain things to be uploaded but please be patient with me & I'll try my best to get these clips sorted for you. <br /><br />Mon 8.00 Tue 7.30 Thur 7.30 Fri 8.00 <br /><br />Endersfan xx <br />