Youtube And Dailymotion is Me EagleFire21 <br /><br />Im the bigest Randy Orton Fan out here and have wached wwe since I was 3 months old so i know what im talking about. I think Randy Orton is the best wrestler today. <br /><br />UPCOMING VIDEOS: <br />1.Randy Orton If I Die Tommorow[NOTE FIRST VIDEO EVER IN HD BY ME!!!] <br />2.Randy Orton Jaws Hunting For Blood REMAKE. <br />3.Randy Orton You Can't Escape Him REMAKE. <br />4.Randy Orton The One and Only Champion REMAKE. <br />5.A Special Video You Will all LOVE IT!!! <br />6.Some kind of Batman video. <br />MANY MORE TO COME!!! <br /><br />I WILL UPDATE MY PROFILE MORE LATER WHEN I HAVE THE TIME.