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Born Mark Balet in Abidjan, Ivory coast to a pair of militairy parents. Marky as a youngster spent time learning from his elders and discovered hip hop at seven. Linstening all day long to the tapes of artists such as
Eric.B & Rakim, NWA, LL cool J, Public ennemi, EPMD, vanilla ice etc..
After his parent’s divorce, he lives part of his childhood in Egypt, Cairo and Silverspring, Maryland. In 1996 at the tender age of thirteen he decides to form a band called “IPM600” with his two friends (Tash and Champion) in high-school.
Known since as committed artists and good performers their music is an harmonious fusion of rap and reggae.
He decides a few years later to make music his profession and records as a solo artist.
To accomplish his musical purpose he eventually settled in Paris, France to perform and and learn more about the music industry.
In 2007 he makes his record label "Eternel Music" and starts producing in 2006 his first album
"Eternel". At a time when image is considered just as important as vocal capability, Marky is introducing real music fans to a new sound as well as a brand new look for French rap. An album with truly universal appeal capable of crossing all boundaries. Album in stores September 2008

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