ESTV Online

ESTVOnline launched in 2011 to capture the very best of all things Anatolian on the internet, using video and social media. We are a private company, headquartered in Eskişehir, and part funded by the YunusErmre programme under the ERDF. <br /><br />This funding enables us to employ media and broadcast graduates in Eskişehir, meaning that the money spent developing them is reinforced by local employment opportunities, which in turn creates investment in the local community. <br /><br />Our partners include the LMS Digital Media, Anadolu University, the Osmangazi University, Eskişehir Chambers of Industry and Commerce and Eskişehirspor. <br /><br />We provide work placement opportunities for Eskişehir and Eskişehir based social entrepreneurs looking to get work and develop projects. <br /><br /> is seeking to make a difference to Anatolia by creating entertaining, educational and thought provoking content in print, online and on television. One thing’s for sure, we are Anatolian to the core and proud of it too!