ELECTRONIC YELLOW JAMMER. <br />Projet de musique electro et des performances... <br />Prose parlée et chanson. <br />Label: LBA RECORDS, BENT ANT RECORDS. <br />POP ELECTRO, BREAKS, NEO NEW-WAVE. <br />Albums on www.junodownload.com <br />Just search: electronic yellow jammer <br />www.Lbarecords.com<br />Check out Lba Records catalog here:<br />http://vibedeck.com/nesselmusic<br />The music of Electronic Yellow Jammer is pop electro danse and breakbeats. Based on simple, elegant melodies and harmonies, their songs are light, relaxing and powerful. Many songs feature at least 2-3 vocal tracks interacting with each other, supported primarily by keyboards, bass and simple percussion. Male and female voices come and go, sometimes alone, sometimes together, creating a very pleasant experience for the listener. Electronic Yellow Jammer is a project mixing talent from France, Switzerland, Africa, Greece, England, Russia, Poland, the USA. The band started in 2004 as a trio, with “A.” and “C.” and “M-N-P-L-P808”. They quickly attracted other artists from around the world to join to them to create or remix music with them. SUGARDADDY, LIZA, TASHA HOLLYWOOD, LOVE-MARKOV, Tim S., for vocals. And [RY RE], Tit aka BLIPPO, MENDEZ & MUNA, 23 Id, PIT PAR COEUR, DISSOLVED, LA BLAUE KINO, Si, ECOUTE, JAN.. concerning remixes and creation. The painter-poet M-N-P-L-P808 write the most of the texts, which is contemporary mystic poetry. This project is also a visual project and some tracks are coming together with videos. This project is open to new horizons with time. LBA Records, (Bent Ant Records / Nessel Music Group), from Florida, USA signed them at the end of 2008. They have some early tracks available on www.djshop.de www.junodownload.com www.beatport.com Just search: electronic yellow jammer