RÜCKER Andreas

This is the official channel of ELAL Israel Virtual Airlines <br /><br />Videos are edited by Marc. <br />You can see more of his videos here : lyristria.blogspot.com/ <br /><br />**IMPORTANT** <br />Due to some problems with someone who stole our videos, we remember you one thing (quotation from our website) : <br />"El Al Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Logos and Trademark on this site are property of El Al Virtual Airlines or their respective owners. <br />We are in no way affiliated with the real El Al Israel Airlines | 1999-2008 El Al Virtual Airlines © All rights reserved." <br /><br />That means that those videos (which contain also our logo) are under El Al Virtual's copyright and acting this way can put you into troubles. <br /><br />Thanks for your comprehension. <br /><br />The ELAL VA Team