ThugRadio.Net is a super sexy website (http://thugradio.net) with companion message board (http://thugradio.net/forum), a blog (http://thugradio.blogspot.com/) and, of course, there's a slightly demented twitter (http://twitter.com/ThugRadio). I used to have a Rap/R&B radio show and the site was initially set-up as a guide to what I have and can play on the show. The show has since been discontinued, but I've done much too much work on the site to let it die, so I started adding purchase information in hopes of making a little bit of money through the magic power of website affiliation. With MySpace and the like I add people who are interested in Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Funk and the such in hopes that they may find the site interesting and/or contribute to the message board eventually making ThugRadio a global empire followed by world domination. Or something like that.