DVS TheTeam

DyVersaStyle aka DVS The Team <br /><br />Street? Hardcore? Swagged out? …. Hip Hop? Different? Trendy? …. Yes, the answer is yes. Everything mentioned can be a true description of the duo/ super group…… DyVersaStyle!! <br /><br /> DyVersaStyle (D.V.S for short) is the name of this two-man group. As complex as the name sounds the orgin is quite simple. DyVersaStyle is one word to describe the group’s diverse, yet versat...ile styles of music. The group members N’Sayne Asylum (bka Insane) and V… (aka whatever V stands for at the time) are said to posses the skills of many artists throughout different genres of music. Their skill sets also expand beyond lyrical composers. N’Sayne is the graphic/website designer and V… is the producer/engineer for the group. In addition to those attributes, they also serve as businessmen, as they have orchestrated various talent showcases within the city of Chicago. Although they are only two, they encompass the talent of a team of people. That being stated, they are…. D.V.S The Team!!!