Dungeon Crawler is an adventure card game that is playable alone or with friends. You get to choose Adventurers, equip them, design your own Quests to conquer, seek out the evils that terrorize the lands, and save the Damsel. This intelligently designed game pulls together extraordinary art and fantasy flavor that can keep you spellbound in epic adventure. <br /><br />The creators of Dungeon Crawler pit your Adventurers against a series of perilous encounters deep within the domain of vile adversaries and insidious plot combinations, which they must strategically overcome. This collectible starter includes 2 decks that support single player gaming. One is a 65 card grey-tone deck, known as the Dungeon deck. The other deck bares a similar logo with a blue backing. This deck is known as the Crawler deck which serves as a "bag of tricks" for your Adventurers. You can also can also expand your collection to play competitive (2 players), cooperative (2-4 players) or multplayer (3-6 players). <br /><br />For more information on Dungeon Crawler ECG check out our info page here: http://www.dungeoncrawler.com/ecg/intro.php