American Dumbasses

The most interactive stunts you will see on the internet! <br /><br />J-Rock (/Editor/Stunt Planning/American Dumbass) <br /><br />C-Dizzle (American Dumbass) <br /><br />Nut-Shot Joe (American Dumbass) <br /><br />Who are we: <br />We are a Interactive team, anything you wanna see we will attempt it. (If it's not gonna kill us) We have plenty of ways to interact with you guys, if you read below, we give you options that you can use to interact with us. <br />Make sure you check us out on MTV Pranked, and TruTV's new show, Clipaholics! <br /><br />Facebook: <br />Down Below is our Facebook Page, if you "Like" us on Facebook, we tell you information that is not on youtube, also check out, pictures from behind the scenes, and extras! <br /><br /> <br /><br />Twitter: <br />Down Below is our Twitter Page, if you "Follow us" we give you information, while we are doing the videos! Telling you everything you need to know! <br /><br />!/Dumbasses1 <br /><br />Ustream: <br />We will be starting to become live, every weekend, on Saturdays, we will answer all your questions, and maybe even throw in a few stunts! <br /><br />