I joined Dailymotion when I got fed up with youtube. Although Dailymotion says I am a newbie when it comes to making videos I have actually been making them sinceeeee 2006? 2007? For a couple years now. :D I hope you enjoy my videos! ^_^ <br /><br />It's alright if you don't like my videos-- you can rate them as such; however, I ask that you don't rate and run (aka ding dong ditch). Please leave constructive critisism rather than just rating one star. If you rated it poorly I would like to know why. <br /><br />Recently my Halo videos and my RvB video were rated one star. On Youtube they all have five stars. So, obviously people like them. Why didn't you. Not your cup of tea? Were the transitions poor in your opinion? Did the song not fit the clips to you? Or maybe do you think I just put it under the wrong catagory? <br /><br />Also, if you do rate my videos highly (or at all) please comment! Tell me what you liked so I can keep doing that and note that's what people like! <br /><br />Thanks in advance, <br /><br />DragoonChronicles