Dr Stuart Linder

The first thing to note about the Dr. LinderBra is its luxurious feel. While the majority of sports bras use low-grade materials which often feel corse or fall apart, the Dr. LinderBra uses high end, durable fabrics that have a smooth and soft texture. Unlike many bras that use cups and wires for support, the fabric of the Dr. LinderBra is bi-directional which has great support without cups and wires. Also the lining of the bra, in conjunction with the bidirectional fabric, makes the bra breathable and minimizes sweat buildup. <br /><br />The Dr. LinderBra has front hook-n-eye clasps with a zipper design that makes it easy to wear and has side adjustability which allows size adjustment up to two inches. The combination of the high quality fabric, design, fit and adjustability almost eliminates any unwanted spillage or bulges. The Dr. LinderBra always has the “perfect fit” and is great for everyday wear.