Who are your patients and clients exactly?<br /><br />I work with people just like you who are smart, busy, and really good at what they do; however, have never been taught exactly how to achieve their own best health and energy. Until meeting me, they didn’t know how to avoid the medical problems that run in their family.<br /><br />The vast majority of my patients have worked long and hard to reach the level of success they enjoy today – often sacrificing sleep, eating foods that are rich in calories and poor in nutrition, not taking time out to exercise and relax and take care of themselves and their relationships.<br /><br />They want a doctor who is a cutting edge health expert to assess them, identify the root causes of how they feel and what they are experiencing, and to tell them exactly what to do to reverse their diseases and dysfunction, so that they feel vital and energized from the time they wake up until they relax into sleep at night.<br /><br />That said, the health issues I’ve worked with run the gamut.<br /><br /> Autoimmune issues<br /> Joint pains<br /> Back pain<br /> Headaches<br /> Fatigue<br /> Chronic fatigue syndrome<br /> Allergies<br /> Food allergies<br /> Gluten Reactivity<br /> ADD/ADHD<br /> Depression<br /> Anxiety<br /> Fibromyalgia<br /> IBS<br /> Insomnia<br /> Perimenopause<br /> Menopause<br /> Low T<br /> GERD<br /> Foggy Brain<br /> Obesity<br /> Overweight<br /> ED<br /> Poor Libido<br /> Foggy Brain<br /> Hypothyroidism<br /> Hyperthyroidism<br /> Acne & other Skin Issues<br /> Arthritis<br /> Asthma<br /> Cancer Prevention<br /> Detoxification<br /> Diabetes<br /> Digestive Disorders<br /> Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention<br /> Healthy Aging<br /> Metabolism Issues<br /> Hormone Balance<br /> Migraines<br /> Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-Diabetes, <br /> Insulin-Resistance<br /> Insomnia & other Sleep Issues<br /> Adrenal Fatigue and other Adrenal Disorders<br /> Athletic Performance<br /> Environmental Toxicity & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity<br /> Heavy Metal Toxicity<br /> Hypertension<br /> Nutritional Deficiencies<br /> Leaky Gut<br /> Weight Loss