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This channel is dedicated to anybody who's trying to replicate Brian May/Queen guitar tones... or who simply loves to hear it !
His sometimes elusive guitar tones were obtained using two kind of guitar amps : Vox AC30s, and a special amp, called the Deacy amp. This amp was made from an audio amp section of an old transistor radio, mounted in a bookshelf speaker.

Used in conjonction with a treble booster, this solid-state amp can be proeminently heard in many famous Queen songs (Killer Queen, Save Me, Procession, God Save the Queen...), mimicing violins-, trumpets-, cellos-like sounds, thanks to Brian May Red Special guitar.

In this channel, you will find some videos of some amp pedals, that can be used to try and replicate Brian May tones... but remember : the tone is in your fingers !

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