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This channel is dedicated to anybody who's trying to replicate Brian May/Queen guitar tones... or who simply loves to hear it !<br />His sometimes elusive guitar tones were obtained using two kind of guitar amps : Vox AC30s, and a special amp, called the Deacy amp. This amp was made from an audio amp section of an old transistor radio, mounted in a bookshelf speaker.<br /><br />Used in conjonction with a treble booster, this solid-state amp can be proeminently heard in many famous Queen songs (Killer Queen, Save Me, Procession, God Save the Queen...), mimicing violins-, trumpets-, cellos-like sounds, thanks to Brian May Red Special guitar. <br /><br />In this channel, you will find some videos of some amp pedals, that can be used to try and replicate Brian May tones... but remember : the tone is in your fingers !<br /><br />All things Red Special are here:<br />Red Special Forums: <br /><br />