A naive girl of seventeen, Mama sold me to the head of the Naples Mafia. I was stripped from my precious 12 younger brothers and sisters that I had given up my childhood to raise. Mama’s actions also ripped me away from Domenico, the only person other than Papa who truly believed in me. Would I ever see him again? <br /><br />One by one, my brothers came to me for help to escape Mama’s tyrannical rule and they found employment with Russo, "The Prince of Naples." He turned them into thieves and cheats, and his hold on all of us grew stronger each day. <br /><br />After giving birth to three beautiful children, I found myself helplessly entwined in Russo's twisted world. My husband came to rely on me as I organized his muddled finances. For the first time in my young life, I felt powerful, strong, and almost happy. <br /><br />In 1940, Italy joined Nazi Germany in the war and Naples became one of the worst spots on earth to live. During one air attack, a bomb hit our house and Russo went mad. Danger assaulted our family from every direction: the Nazi Gestapo, the dangers of war, Russo’s own men, other crime organizations and my own brothers. This is the moment in which I choose my fate.