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Due to the lack of Doctor Who serials on Youtube I have decided to move over here. The Name Doctor31074 comes from my four favorite Doctors in no particular order. 3-Jon Pertwee 10-David Tennant 7-Sylvester McCoy 4-Tom Baker.
I only own five of the Classic Serials, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils, Warriors of the Deep, The Time Warrior, and the Five Doctors. I don't know if I will upload them or not.


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Entertainment Weekly recently did an online list of the 25 greatest cult shows ever--here's the link.,,20302134_20304619,00.html Guess who made number one? Doctor Who!!!!!! I feel so proud!!
5 years ago by harrietamidala1691
It's over--today I have finally finished the entire run of the whole classic Doctor Who series and the TV movie! It has taken me over a year to do, but I have done it. Don't know what's next in store for me (other than wait for the specials and series 5) but I can't wait.
5 years ago by harrietamidala1691
Davison For Life
For two weeks I will change my profile image each day to a scene from a Doctor Who episode.What you have to do is guess which one it is from,and after 2 weeks,the one with the most complete is the winner!By the way happy birthday!
5 years ago by Davison For Life
Happy Birthday to me!
5 years ago by Doctor31074

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