Kris Rodgers

Hello ya ll, I'm Kris. A bass player, musican, writer and artist of sorts...Here, on DM, my main aim is to teach people bass. I am currently aiming at beginners, and will slowly raise to intermediate... <br /><br />The "Bass smart" section is now available on my site...Here you can add to all the riffs/techniques that we have used in my youtube lessons. The videos are of a better quality than the ones here. <br /><br />Nothing has changed. Just me, you, a camera and a bass. Little theory, just technique and ideas! Learning made easy <br /><br /> <br /><br />-------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> for an example of a "few" of my songs. Add meif you are on there! :) <br /><br />-------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> for more written lessons as well as a poll to vote on lessons you guys want in the future! I HAVE JUST UPDATED THIS. Please subscribe to the blog... <br /><br />-------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> Peace to you all!