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What up world!!!!
I'm known in my city as Dj Jusbiz.
I'm a Dj/ Rap Artist/ Producer out of Denver, Colorado. As far as music goes, my main goals are to attain respect through my hard work, determination, and proper use of the talents I possess. As of right now, December 2010, I have been djiing for 3 years, rapping/writing for 7 years, and producing for about 2 weeks lol, I have been musically involved though since 3rd grade. Lol So you know, I'm not a lame so don't bring lame shit near this page or it will be rudely rejected!! I'm looking to network with new and/or current musicians/entreprenuers who have a drive and make decisions for bigger reasons than to look cool and/or to fit in. Aside from it all, I'm honestly the coolest dude in the world and I'm down to meet anyone who is cool, has there head on straight, and likes money lol!!!!!!

So while you here subscribe, write ya boy a couple comments and message me for anything else.