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"All in the game..."

Me: Study biochemistry and chill out with my friends playing sports, listening to music, watching my favorite shows and when I'm alone I read and watch my boys in the WWE.

Sports: Kuk Sool Won, Football (soccer), oltimate, floorball, badminton

Tunes: Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Skunk Anansie, Smashing Pumpkins, Strawberry Slaughterhouse, Evanescence, New Found Glory, Kings of Leon, Just Surrender, Lorene Drive and I got a soft spot for pop-rock and my boys Busta, Nelly and LL ;-)

Shows: The Wire, Band of Brothers, CSI, Criminal Minds, Oz, Dexter, Rome, Supernatural, Veronica Mars (it's cheesy I know, but she's my version of a soap), Lost, Heroes

Modern reads: King, Koontz, Dan Brown, Jan Guillou, Liza Marklund, Stephenie Meyer

Old-school reads: Kafka, Brontë, Austen, Burns, Pope, Keats, Nietsche, Marx, Sartre

Favorite movies: "The Departed", "Snatch", "Lock, stock & two smokin barrels", "Oceans eleven", "The longest yard", "Saw" (Love all horror flicks, but can't favorite em all, though)....

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