Min. Thomas J. Allen

Welcome to the Divine News Network Dailymotion Channel where I post sermons relating to the signs Jesus has told the world about and put them all here for you to see. Everything can be found written clearly in the Holy Bible about these times we live in. I made this channel as a counterpart to DivineNewsNetwork.com website where much news is posted about the times we live in. I post my own views and teaching direct from the Holy Bible so you can make your own judgment of the things that you will hear and compare it to what we are all seeing around us that are happening in this world at this very moment in our life's. I just lay it all out for you to see with your own eye's and ear's and hope you make the right decisions from there to follow and accept Jesus Christ in your life and heart's, for the time is soon upon us for the 2nd coming of Jesus. But from all of the events taking place you need to know where you stand spiritually, for this life is only a temporary one. Our souls and faith are being tested everyday to see if we will pass the life trials to allow us to have eternal life as promised by Jesus. I hope by making this channel and the main website, that I can save at least one person with what I teach and news I collect and put on the main DivineNewsNetwork.com site. May God bless you and your family and may god be with all of you who are visiting this channel, God Bless. <br /><br />About Me: <br />My name is Min. Tom Allen. I have been running DivineNewsNetwork.com website about 4 years now and just became a Minister. Now from doing articles I'm starting video sermons. I hope you find them informational and may God Bless you, your family, and keep you all safe from the coming storm.