Paul Morris

Dive planet is New Zealands Premier Diving Portal. We have it all from Spearfidhing and articles to Scuba diving articles as well as an extensive list of Dive Sites around NZ. Dive Planet is constantly growing featuring lots of videos of exploring New Zealand's aquatic realm. Thinking of diving in NZ then you must visit our Dive Planet website. <br /><br />Conservation and Eco Tourism are other areas you will find on Dive Planet. Fancy seeing some of our fidh species then vidit our Fish ID section where you will find info and video footage. <br /><br />Great White sharks interest you ? Well we have extensive info about the protection, Adoption, Tagging, Research as well as attacks on humans. In fact I was attacked by a Great White in 2005 while kayak fishing, now I fully support the protection of these mighty predators. Just take a look at the Docos I have featured in including, White Fright 20/20, Ultimate Shark National Geographic, Shark Fear with Phil Koeghan, as well as on Animal Planet <br /><br />So NOW that you know the Name visit myself Paul Morris on Dive Planet NZ. <br /><br />Subscribe to Dive Planet for FREE and win prizes. We send gifts to far away places like Sweden and the USA