Charles IZ Soueidan

After 20 years of experience... Iz blend all this knowledge into a unique mixe that has become his own signature sound... <br /><br />IZ INTENSE SONIC EXPERIENCE - EXTENDED DJ or DVJ SET 4 to 6 hours <br /><br />ALSO AVAILABLE LIVE AUDIO VIDEO (DVJ) EXPERIENCE <br /><br />At the early age of 13, while his underage friends were not yet allowed to see him at work, Charles was already playing music in Lebanon's nightclubs and beach parties. <br /><br />Over the year, he switch from tape-deck to turntable, organize events and play in some of Canada's best nightclubs and raves. Always adpating through his interaction with the crowd. This self-taught mixing machine quickly defined his own musical style and his own unique mixing technique. <br /><br />Iz plays all styles of electronic and non electronic music, covering anything from retro night to trance raves. Through constant involvment over the years in radio (both in Lebanon and Canada). While working and later owning a record store. He kept an open ear for all new music. Playing at house, trance and hardcore parties, clubs and raves. He turn IZ aka Iznogood into a Montreal houshold name, closing more event than we can list, playing in different raves on the same night as well as playing in different rooms in the same event. <br /><br />Iz played - CLUBS - RAVES - LIVE EVENTS - AFTERHOURS - MUSIC FESTS - OUTDOORS EVENTS - RADIOS - TV STATIONS <br /><br /> <br />