<br />WARNING: This website will not be held liable for any smiles that may be cracked while viewing the following videos. <br /><br />If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at http://www.dailymotion.com/inbox/compose/Digified . <br /><br /> <br />We have already had two users who cracked a smile while viewing our videos, and we almost got sued. Side effects for viewing Digified videos may include: <br /><br />- uncontrollable laughter <br />- fall-back-on-chair-laughing syndrome <br />- butt loss <br />- weight loss <br />- a parent or guardian/boss or co-worker coming to ask what the hell is going on <br />- projectile shitting <br /><br />If you feel Digified videos may not be right for you, or have any of the side effects listed above from experiencing Digified media, see your doctor immediately for prescription of anti-laughter pills. <br /><br />------------------------------------------------------ <br />Now that you have read the warning, you can now continue on with the description! <br />------------------------------------------------------ <br /><br />I am a *proud* member of Dailymotion. To be honest, I switched because YouTube was a big bunch of bull. Why? Beta channels. Glitches. Wanna-be-so-high-tech looking. Stupid crap. <br /><br />http://youtube.com/digified <br /><br />^^Just look at it!!! It's messed up. Dailymotion even allows you to capture profile icon via webcam. How cool is that? YouTube will NEVER do something as cool as that!! Who's with me? =)