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Dharmaling, Buddhist Congregation promotes the teachings of Buddha following advises of the highest Lamas and Holy beings of past and present time. Yet, Dharmaling aims at transmitting Buddha's Wisdom in the ways the most appropriate to benefit all beings, adapted to the countries where it is taught.

Dharmaling is the only Buddhist Community to have signed an agreement with the State, in Slovenia (and only the sixth religious community to have done so).

Dharmaling Congregation is led by the only resident Lama in Slovenia, Lama Shenpen Rinpoche.

Lama Shenphen Rinpoche has been born in Western France. Very early in his life, various special signs manifested - during, and after, his birth. He was later recognized by several Lamas since 1992, melong-readers, Oracle of Dharamsala and the Kharnang Monastery to be reincarnation of a great practitioner in Tibet - Tulku of Lama Gendun Rabgye. In 2003, the official enthronement took place in Tibet, in Kharnang Monastery (the procedure of recognition is well codified. No one can pretend to be Tulku from him or herself). In 2005, the ceremony was performed in Sera-Jhe Monastery. Since the year 2000, Rinpoche is giving teachings in Slovenia and other countries. Being also a renowned healer, Rinpoche is receiving people for this purpose and is also available for private appointment for personal spiritual advices.

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