ANNOUNCEMENT!!!<br />I won't to be able to upload any more future Zexal episodes. Same with YuGiOh DM, GX, and 5D's. Since everything is gone TwT. I will only upload the duels that occur in that episode. If you want I will do the English Dub duels too. I will begin uploading Arc V + duels. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Love to watch anime. Play video games- FPS, RPGs Etc. Hope to be an animator someday. i used to have a youtube account but that got deleted GRRRR. So i will posting episodes, Vs Fight scenes, Etc PM if you want me to upload something you want to see. <br />UPDATE 2- I can upload vids now- Soon <br /><br />Urgent Message to all my fans!!!!!!!!<br />Terrible news everyone. I cannot upload any more 5d's Sub episodes. Anything beyond episode 67+ will be removed. NOOOO Why!!!! I can still upload the dub eps. So i will attempt GX eps Sub/Dub<br /><br />Recent new Zexal episodes<br />There is a different subbing group that is doing the subs. That is why it is different. <br /><br />Update 6/11/2012<br />I may have found an alternative site for Yugioh 5D's 67+ subbed. I am testing the site. <br /><br />I found another site( which one do you prefer I upload to??? <br /><br /><br />5D's 67+( Subbed) will be uploaded here. Here is the link<br /><br /><br />Follow me on Tumblr <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br />!/Gamer4life123<br /><br /><br />