Robert Wimer

After being fired from my job of over 5 years and at the height of the bad economy, I said “enough is enough!” I started on my consulting career that very same day…two days before my birthday, I might add. I vowed to myself, “I will never work outside my talents again and I want to empower people to take charge of their money and business” and out of that came Desire a Difference. <br /><br />My passion: to help individuals, groups / organizations and small businesses leverage technology that will get their voice heard in the online and offline world, as well as helping people create proper mindsets that allow them to not only acquire more wealth, but keep it. I’ve worked with several individuals, training them to use technology to their advantage, including local author and fitness guru, Lisa Schilling of Get REAL Wellness Solutions. <br /><br />I have had over 10 years of computer / network experience, as well as video, audio, and other media. I have designed and managed websites for over 7 years, so I know the “ins-and-outs” of consulting others to manage their own web presence. <br /><br />I’m a native of Trenton, MO and am blissfully married and have three incredible step-children. I am equally involved in music education and performance.