Deedat Ahmed or Ahmad channel is dedicated to the famous debates of this great man and other videos related to muslims and islam. <br />What is islam? : islam is the final true religion from god. islam is a message addressed to all mankind. islam was and is still the message communicated to all human beings by all the prophets from adam to muhammed (mohamed pbuh). same message once given to jesus, moses, abraham, david, salomon. <br /><br />Islam message means submission to the one and only God. allah is the arabic appellation for god <br /><br />to become a muslim you must believe that there is only one god and muhammad is his final prophet. you must also believe that all the prophets are equals in god's eyes. <br />in islam only the creator allah / god should be worshiped and no other animal, prophet, man, women, stones, sun, moon should be worshiped <br /><br />All you have to say is : "Achhado ana la ilaha illa allah, wa achhado ana muhamadan rasoulo allah" which means : "I bear witness that there is no god except ALLAH and I bear witness that Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihe Wassalam) is the Prophet and messenger of ALLAH <br /><br />who are the muslims ? <br />muslims or mozlims are the followers of muhammad and islam. they are more than 1.5 billions and are living all around the world. and they are not only arabs as people think. there are muslims in all the countries. in USA for example they are the second big religion. <br /><br />Real muslims are very peaceful people. <br />We invite you to discover this wonderfull religion and stay away from all the stereotypes. <br /><br />Deedat Ahmad or Ahmed was a great muslim scholar who participated in some famous religious debates with famous christian and evangelic scholar like : Jimmy Swaggart, Dr. Robert Douglas, Anis Shorrosh, Josh McDowell, Wesley H. Wakefield, Stanley Sjöberg, Pastor Eric Bock etc. <br />he even challenged the pop John Paul II to a public dialogue in the Vatican, the pop john paul no debate happened.