THE LOST 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL<br /><br />JUDAH-YAHAWADAH= SO-CALLED NEGROES GEN 49:8-12 DEUT 33:7<br /><br />BENJAMIN-BANYAMYAN= SO-CALLED WEST INDIANS GEN 49:27 DEUT 33:12<br /><br />LEVI-LAWYA= SO-CALLED HAITIANS GEN 49:5-7 DEUT 33:8-11<br /><br />EPHRAIM-APARYAM= SO-CALLED PUERTO RICANS GEN 49:22-26 DEUT 33:13-17<br /><br />SIMEON-SHAMIWAN= SO-CALLED DOMINICANS GENESIS 49:5-7<br /><br />ZEBULON-ZABALAWAN= GUATEMALA TO PANAMA GEN 49:13 DEUT 33:18-19<br /><br />MANNESSAH-MANASHAR SO-CALLED CUBANS GEN 49:22-26 DEUT 33:13-17<br /><br />GAD-GAD=SO-CALLED N. AMERICAN INDIAN GEN 49:19 DEUT 33:20-21<br /><br />REUBEN-RAAWBAN SO-CALLED SEMINOLE INDIANS GEN 49:3-4 DEUT 33:6<br /><br />NAPHTALI-NAPATHLAYA ARGENTINA TO CHILE GEN 49:21 DEUT 33:23<br /><br />ASHER-ASHAR= COLOMBIA TO URUGUAY GEN 49:20 DEUT 33:24-25<br /><br />ISSACHAR-YASHASHKAR= SO-CALLED MEXICANS GEN 49:14-15 DEUT 33:18-19<br /><br />Those Of Negroid & Indian Descent. Also Italians, Sicilians, Irish & Scottish Whose Bloodline Goes Back To The Moors Who Ruled Europe During The Dark Ages