David Merrill

Internet Marketing mentor & MLM coach SUPREME! <br />I was born to be an entrepreneur. Am living my dream and thanking God every day for my success. And… I pray daily to bring you along with me on this incredible ride… because I believe passionately in financial freedom and independence for EVERYBODY. <br />I’ve spent years developing and teaching the best use of powerful OFFLINE marketing techniques like Press Releases, Self-Publishing, Article Submissions, Live Presentations and booking Radio and Television interviews. Now I’m obsessed with teaching the greatest ONLINE, INTERNET techniques to personally brand YOU as a leader, an expert… the person you are destined to be. <br />My greatest passion has always been to spend time with my wife and kids… and my 3 dogs! I’m blessed to do that everyday. I’d love to have you be part of my “extended family”… my “financial freedom family”… so you can enjoy the same kind of success. Check out my channel … Then find my contact links and let’s meet OFFLINE to create a real-time friendship!