David Lockwood

www.affordabledemoltionswfl.com 239-333-7678<br />We demolish anything, since building demolition is not as common, we do lots of interior demolitions/removals and have become very specialized, add our haul away the same day service - it is quite handy:<br /><br />Great for condo situations where dumpsters can be cumbersome. We load and haul off you debris or the debris we removed, quick easy cost effective. Bring us in shortly before your contractor and we will demo keeping in mind the reconstruction process.<br /><br />Kitchen/ bath removals, removed and hauled off the same day, recycling as much as possible<br />Whole interior removals prior to rehab<br />We load our trucks - construction debris haul off<br />Shed Removal<br />Trailer removal<br />House Removal<br />Tire removal<br />Boat Demoition/ Removal - In place demolition when needed, or taken to a ramp and hauled to dump<br />Vehicle removal<br />Pool removal<br />Concrete removal<br />Tile and thinset removal<br />Jack hammer service<br />Bobcat service<br />Excavator service<br />Building demolition <br />Landscaping debris haul off<br />Junk removal<br />Excess inventory haul off