Darlien Breeze

Darlien C. Breeze, Las Vegas resident for 15 years, is a California native. MINI TALES is her first collection of short stories, published in July 2005. <br /><br />A Life of Crime details many of the cases Detective Josh Cummings has handled in his fifty plus year career. He relates the details of these cases to two reporters writing a book about his life. The crimes he tells of run the gamut from crime thriller, to dark comedy, with a little heartfelt drama thrown in. There’s a dark side to the story that only the reader discerns through comments and private thoughts made by the old detective.<br /><br />Darlien is also the author of Import/Export and You, a text book for classes she taught at the Community College of Southern Nevada and Small Pony, the story of a Navajo boy who must decide between his world and the world of the white man. He resolves the issue by becoming a college trained Indian Agent. Darlien’s background includes twenty years as a classroom teacher, ten years as a real estate agent, and seven years as the owner of an import/export company. Video Production by http://www.performanceproductionservices.com, http://www.ishootyouryoutube.com and http://www.youtubevideopro.com