Danny Johnson

Welcome! <br /><br />My name is Danny. <br /><br />I write songs, and record them using multitrack technology. Multitrack recording enables me to do all of the song parts myself. <br /><br />I feel this makes me really, really cool. <br /><br />Some of my interests are: <br /><br />Stalking people, but only in the most courteous and helpful way. <br /><br />Indecisiveness...ummm...or maybe not. Yes, I have decided for sure: indecisiveness. <br /><br />Me also likes grammar that am good, propper spelling, and good punctuation,. Them, am all, imprortnt, to me,! <br /><br />John 14:6 <br /><br />I enjoy carnivorous plants, amateur astronomy, writing/recording songs, snorkeling, and I especially enjoy my family.