-A Dream Come True- <br /><br />In 2004 Daniel won the first Swedish Idol competition, and overnight he became one of the most popular and successful artists in Sweden. Since then he's been described as an outstanding singer with a voice capable of taking on most musical genres. <br /><br />It all started when Daniel was just a kid, and he discovered the leading figures in soul music. <br /><br />- Listening to Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and so many others really changed my perspectives. I had never heard this way of singing in pop or rock music so this really moved me. I knew that this is how I want to express myself through singing. <br /><br />-Platinum Selling Debut- <br /><br />The platinum selling, self titled debut album contained the single Coming True which sold gold at the very day of it’s release. The album went on to grab the position of the 8th biggest selling album of 2004, even though it was released as late as December 15th. The album also earned Daniel the prestigious prize Best Swedish Artist at the Nordic Music Awards. <br /><br />A couple of years later the debut was followed by the Swedish album Nån Slags Verklighet in 2006, where Daniel Lindström also got to showcase his writing skills. <br /><br />-D-Day- <br /><br />When it was time to record Daniel’s third album D-Day he felt that it was time to make a change. He hooked up with producers Fredrik Samsson and Mohammad Denebi and together they decided to write, produce and release the album by themselves. <br /><br />Suddenly there were no limits to the creativity and joy in the studio and the result is a very dynamic pop-album with obvious influences from the soul music Daniel grew up listening to. An album with a good blend of catchy uptempo songs and ballads, strong melodies and expressive vocals. <br /><br />-2011- <br /><br />Daniel is currently working on some new material that will be released during 2011.