Thierry Dambermont

This is what you need to get started in <br />the garment design with the computer. Here you will see how the vector-based tools available in various softwares are used in the design process. <br />These videos were part of an experimental project initiated in 1999 by Thierry Dambermont at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (Belgium). The project was to create a Garment Design & Fashion school of a new era with an heavily use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) latest technologies. <br />Due to various events at that time, it was decided to create in year 2000 a huge computer Graphics school instead of that advanced Garment Design school. <br />Now, this school is the largest CGI school in Europe : Web designers, Paper document designers, 3D designers, Game designers, artists of all kind gather and work together in that school. Garment designers are welcome too in order to complete their skills with CGI skills. <br />Thierry Dambermont is a teacher <br />at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, <br />now the largest Computer Graphics school in Europe ! <br />Visit this computer graphics school : <br />, it is the largest and best computer graphics school in Europe ! We're continuously improving our teaching and CGI skills, making our students the best ones on the marketplace. These are the works made by the first year students for Thierry Dambermont after only a few weeks of practice with Photoshop :