Cill bill

In my old competition some of the old ones i even forgot what they were so here are some new ones <br />1.A Henchman's Quest- <br />2.The Explosive Mystery- <br />3.Death Came From the Lake- <br />4.The Moment of Destruction- <br />5.The Premonition- <br />6.Day of Resurrection- <br />7.Demons of the Icy Cave- <br />8.Gas Saved My Day- <br />9.A Trap Within A Trap- <br />10.Gas Not Wanted- <br /><br />I think the first ones the hardest!!! <br />Please Send the Answers by Message not by Comment because it makes it easier to check who's won rather than look through loads and loads of comments but you can comment on hows difficult or easy they are!!!