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Shimon Haber
waiting for your new video - Shimon Haber
Group Song Better Company
Disgrace on the increase
with 12,170 views on dailymotion, great success for Matt Eagle and Valeria Oriel.
We are still waiting for more and do not hesitate to give your opinion!
Feadal Arafat
There are some issues within the ActionFX contest.
The "More Info" tab reads any length is accepted, but the "Official Rules" say no longer than 3 mins.
Also the "Official Rules" say videos must be a wholly original, audio-visual performance created by the Contest Entrant, but there are videos with copy-written video clips from movies and songs from albums permitted to be posted.
2 years ago by Feadal Arafat

vote it!!! votatela!!
2 years ago by joepalermo

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