Simon Pendzich

In fact there are faster and easier ways to get from Hamburg to Rome, but the journey is the reward. And who is crazy/mad enough to do this trip not only by bike but even attaches a trolley packed with a camcorder, tripod, sound equipment and everything you need for good entertainment :) Will one make it with a trolley weighing 88 pounds on top of the Alps by using only brawn? And if so are regular bicycle brakes strong enough to get down again safely? Can you rely just on road signs? And if not are maps really the better solution? The prototypetour gives answers to these questions. <br /><br />Originally it was planned to cycle from capital to capital. The Hamburg – Berlin tour was ought to be a tour to test the equipment. The only problem I had on this tour was a puncture five minutes before the first underground/subway station of Berlin! It couldn't have been timed in a better way. Generally speaking no need for panicking. So I decided to go through with the trip and to connect it to one whole tour. <br /><br />Enjoy!