BIOGRAPHY: ROKIMOS plays Asian powerful guitar based weird Rock. All we want you to listen is the Rhythm Guitar riffs! From the mean street of KYOTO, the oldest city in Japan, KENRYO(=ROKIMOS) started playing. The kid played R&R, R&B, through psychedelic noisy style. The audience adored his big sound, but not for the hall owners. They said, there were no such noisy band but him in Japan. KENRYO moved to Tokyo (his hometown), and Yokohama, played funk, blues, psychedelic tunes with the other five members. Though everything seemed to be good enough for a while, KENRYO disappeared without notice, and the band had to break up. A few years later when everybody around him began to feel anxious about his fate, he was found in IZU region, soaked in hot spa, eating fresh fish just coming from the ocean. Thanks for God, and warm weather, he revived admirably started recording switching to use analog equipment to digital. Here you have his explored fresh sound. It makes you feel exotic, nostalgic but being addicted.