Reggaeton, this style of music that surges from various beats from rap and reggae, now welcome the Group D.R-Flow into the circle. D.R-Flow, whose members are: Ezequiel Rodriguez (“Flow Kidd”), Nathaniel Rodriquez (“Naki Killa”), and Manuel Vasquez (“M.SOSA”), are destined and committed to conqueror the hearts of many through their innovative sound. All 3 members, all of Dominican descent, started this group as an experiment to test the “waters of the music industry”. What they never expected was to make such an impact in the lives of so many people. <br /><br /> When they were smaller, they came to the U.S. like every other immigrant, trying to succeed in a land full of opportunities. Once they got here, they enrolled in school to try and better their future in any way possible. As they grew, they were all influenced by rap, free-style, and reggae, three different genres of music that, in that time period, was taking over the airwaves. People like Tempo, Notorious B.I.G., El General, and other artist inspired Ezequiel and Nathaniel to come up with the concept of D.R-Flow. They were only 15 when they started writing songs about issues that affected them, while listening to instrumental tracks they got from popular songs at that time. Once they began writing, they began forming what we know now as an excellent mixture of Dominican talent, capable of going far in the Spanish Industry. <br /><br />As time goes by, D.R-Flow is formed by other artists, until one day they run into a local talent that would take them to a whole different level. Manuel Vasquez, a.k.a. M.SOSA, joins the group because of certain songs he previously recorded for D.R-Flow as a favor to the guys. Once asked if he would join, he accepted, and ever since then they have never looked back. People have entered and left the group, but these 3 youths have always remained strong, united, and above all things, humbled by the chance and the opportunity to go far in this industry.