Way Before Americas Best Dance Crew Way before So You Think You Can Dance, Way Before Dancing With The Stars. There was DANCE 3freakin'Sixty. <br /><br />The absolute FUNNEST, HYPEST, HAPPYEST dance show on the planet. No other show will you see a middle aged balding white guy crip walking to perfection, and thats the only example I need to give right now. The show is Bonkers period. If you like hip hop, ballet, tap, belly, irish, or any crazy kind of dancing you'll Love dance 360. WATCH IT TODAY. <br /><br />Dance 360 is a modern hip-hop television series in which different dancers competed to win 360 dollars and an Xbox or other prizes like a cell phone from boost mobile. It was hosted by Fredro Starr and Kel Mitchell with DJ K-Sly providing the beats for the dancers.The dancers were selected from the audience at the beginning of the show, and they competed one-on-one, with the winner going on to the next round. They were judged by the level of audience applause. In addition to the prizes awarded, the winner was also given the last few seconds of the show to give "shout outs" to friends and family. The show's title comes from the circle on the dance floor where the dancers competed.