Cyphline is a fusion of opposites. North met South when Chris Munton met Kris Bush 6 years ago in Boston. Kris was studying at Berklee College of Music having moved far from his home in Arkansas, and Chris was attending college in nearby Waltham. The two shared similar musical tastes with bands like Tool and Deftones and above all, a common vision of musical perfection. Moving through a string of bass players, the band continued to develop a strong musical identity, all the while writing, rehearsing, and recording new material. Phil Barber later joined the band as the first true "bass player" and signaling an omen as he had the "Auryn" symbol previously etched on his bass, the former name of cyphline. <br /><br />Most recently, Johnny Joyce has joined as frontman. Johnny was a clear fit with his liberal ambition and talent. His energy and voice breathe new life into Cyphline, and his enthusiasm and spirit will propel the band to new heights. <br /><br />The name "Cyphline" is based on the term "cipher", a cryptographic system in which units of plain text of regular length, usually letters, are arbitrarily transposed or substituted according to a predetermined code. <br /><br />The "Cyphline" is the vessel by which the code, or truth, is channeled to those who seek it. The "cyph" which is generated in the form of a circle of energy, is the vehicle by which the truth is uncovered, creating new life. <br /><br />Emergent evolution is the theory that, in the course of evolution, some entirely new properties, such as life and consciousness, appear at certain critical points, usually because of an unpredictable rearrangement of the already existing entities. <br />