My name is Juan C. aka Cyber-Hustla and I'm online to meet other business minded people who enjoy working for themselves. I am here to help my team motivate themselves and their own members to succeed in their businesses and their lives. <br /><br />With the right support and proper leadership, anyone can create wealth and the freedom to choose their future. <br /><br />The internet is a true asset to business development and income generation that anyone can and should benefit from. The concept is simple, as is the practice, all you need is perseverance and motivation - and of course, Support/Mentor. <br /><br />My time is shared between Real Estate Investing and Network Marketing, they compliment one another perfectly. <br /><br />I have been working in real estate for over 10 years now buying, selling, renovating and financing properties. <br /><br />I thoroughly stand by the belief that wealth creation is best derived from a diversity of sources and only recommend those that I have myself and proven to work. <br />It is a Formula For Success You just have to be willing to follow a Proven Success Formula!!! <br /><br />