Well, welcome to my new account after youtube practically removed every single video I uploaded!! ^^ <br /><br />Because all of the episodes I upload are being removed rapidly and people can't watch them, I've decided to move my account to another site. <br /><br />CREDITS: <br />*Freelance-Raws(Starks)* for all of the PPGZ Raws <br />*Saiyaman Raws* for some of the PPGZ Raws <br />*TV-Nihon* for the subbed PPGZ episodes <br />** for some PPGZ episodes <br />*Sgt. Taichi* for a few PPGZ Raws <br />*To-The-Z!* for some subbed PPGZ episodes <br />*To The Z! forums* for the PPGZ support <br />*Anime-Destiny* for the Gash Bell Subs <br />*Youtube* for hosting the uploaded episodes <br />*Andres09* for teaching me how to upload episodes