Mission:<br />The mission of Creative Waves is simple: to inspire. It wants to open people’s minds, let them be inspired and think outside the box, let their imagination and creativity run wild. Therefore, the event wishes to attract those people who study, work, or simply are interested in the fields of creativity such as communication, media, design, architecture, art, fashion, etc. We want to bring all these people together and open discussion between them, let them spend a creatively fully charged night together, and hopefully open new doors for the young and talented.<br /><br />Description:<br />Creative Waves is an evening event that successfully started in Budapest in October 2011. Held two times a year in major capitals, it showcases the best of digital creativity while also creating a digital platform of creativity with the talents we meet around the world.<br /><br />General Information:<br />Creative Waves uses this huge database in order to give something back to people. Namely, it brings together in a 40-minutes-long film the best practices, productions and campaigns of the previous 6 months from the fields of advertising, marketing, communication, new media, and art. Then, as the name suggests, it categorizes them into different creatively categorical waves like Technology, Animation, Inspiration, New Media, Emotional, or Comedy.