Coza Productions is a multi-media marketing production company, driven by the ongoing desire of two dynamic individuals, that have combined forces on both a professional and personal level, fusing creative marketing expertise with a passion for the multi media sector. <br /><br />Documentaries, short films, and the creation of amusing cutting edge advertisements, have long been a goal, passion and dream - that is now reality. <br /><br />The ever increasing number of internet users, coupled with the new globally explored concept of viral marketing for the internet, ensured the birth of Coza Productions! <br /><br />Coza Productions is not just a production company, we understand the importance of multi media marketing. No clip is too small, & no job too insignificant, for us to produce. Be it a 30second clip, or a 10min informative DVD, we’ll ensure that your organizations' message is seen & heard! <br /><br /> <br /> <br /> <br />